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NR1 Fitness Budapest, Magyarország

Nr 1 Fitness started as one fitness centre in Bergen, Norway in 2008, and has from this grown to become a gym chain with 12 centres in the Western and Eastern part of Norway.

From the first day highly qualified staff has been a number one priority. The other key aspects that have contributed to our success is affordable pricing, easy accesability and 24/7 opening hours. Nr 1 Fitness were the first fitness centre in Bergen offering 24/7 opening hours.

In 2014 we reached our goal of becoming the largest fitness chain in the Western part of Norway with 13000 Members, and 150 employees.

Nr 1 Fitness is rapidly expanding, and in September 2016 we are opening our first centre in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. We wish to continue our traditions of highly competitive pricing, qualitative staf and equipment, 24/7 opening hours and our policy of making every single member feel taken care of in our gyms. If you are 18 years old or 65 years old does not matter for us, everyone is welcomed and will find the training they need.

Nr 1 Fitness- Oktogon
Our fitness centre at Oktogon is one of our express centres. This is centres that are simple, fast and affordable priced. This grouping of fitness centres are for the ones that are looking for individual training or training with personal trainers, and dont wish to pay for keeping the saunas heated and the group classes running. The gym is mainly without receptionist, but during reception hours we take cash payments and have free trials for our new members.
- YearPass 60 perc 77988 Ft-tól
- Personal Trainer 60 perc 2499 Ft-tól
- DayPass 60 perc 1999 Ft-tól
YearPass 60 perc 77988 Ft-tól
Personal Trainer 60 perc 2499 Ft-tól
DayPass 60 perc 1999 Ft-tól


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NR1 Fitness 1065, Budapest, Aradi Utca 8, Magyarország

Hétfő 07:00 - 23:45
Kedd 07:00 - 23:45
Szerda 07:00 - 23:45
Csütörtök 07:00 - 23:45
Péntek 07:00 - 23:45
Szombat 07:00 - 23:45
Vasárnap 07:00 - 23:45
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